14 Nov 2013

In line with the task assigned to it under article 60 (5) of Government Regulation Peraturan Number 109 of 1012 Regarding Health Safety Measures on Material Containing Addictive Substance in the Form of Tobacco Products, i.e. to prepare a regulation regarding supervision of circulated tobacco products, the Indonesian Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (“BPOM”) issued, on 28 Juni 2013, Regulation of Head of BPOM Number 41 Tahun 2013 regarding Supervision of Circulated Tobacco Products, Health Warnings on the Advertisements and Packaging, and Promotion.  

The supervision meant in this regulation is supervision on the tobacco products themselves and on their advertisements and promotion.  In brief these are the provisions of note:

  • Samples of tobacco products will be randomly collected from tobacco sellers or distributors for the running of tests to find out the real nicotine and tar content as well as for confirming whether the packaging has complied with the requirement of placing health warning and information regarding the tobacco product;
  • The following words are specifically prohibited from use in the promotion and marketing of the products: “light”, “ultra light”, “mild”, “extra mild”, “low tar”, “slim”, “special”, “full flavor”, “premium”, and similar words, except for tobacco products of certified marks;
  • Supervision of tobacco products advertising and promotion is conducted on the newsprint and all media broadcasts as well on all promotional activities;
  • For tobacco products to be produced or imported there is a reporting requirement on the nicotine and tar content test results.

This regulation has been in effect as of 28 June 2013, the date of its enactment. (by: Aldo Ersan Mangasi Sirait)