ALI BUDIARDJO, NUGROHO, REKSODIPUTRO (ABNR) was founded in 1967 by professionals with a deep respect for the law and a keen interest in assisting clients, both foreign and domestic, to achieve their commercial goals within the Indonesian legal environment.


Insight and Understanding
ABNR has the insight and alertness to look beyond what seems obvious and see the whole picture, backed up by the expertise and experience to develop total solutions that meet the needs of clients over the long term, not just the immediate issue at stake.


Customer Focus
The focus is on the needs and priorities of the client. Enquiries from clients receive an instant response, and a partner or associate is always on hand to attend to issues without delay. ABNR ensures that it uses the most appropriate resources for each task, and that those resources are applied in a timely and efficient manner.


Continuing Evolution
As ABNR continues to grow and meet the needs of its clients, it will continue the tradition and record of innovation, integrity and professionalism that has characterized it for more than four decades, and continue to be the counsel of choice for foreign companies enacting business in Indonesia, and for Indonesian enterprises working with local and foreign companies.