10 Apr 2023
Herry Nuryanto Kurniawan (1974-2023)


It was with grief and sorrow that we learned of the passing of our esteemed colleague at ABNR Counsellors at Law, Herry Nuryanto Kurniawan, who passed away early in the evening of Wednesday, 4 April (14 Ramadhan 1444 H), at the relatively young age of 48.


Herry earned his law degree from the University of Indonesia in 1998 (class of 1993).


He then joined ABNR in February 1998, where he gave more than 25 years of impeccable service, including 11 years as a partner.


During his years at the firm, Herry was a key figure in ABNR’s projects, real estate and restructuring and insolvency practices. He worked on some of Indonesia’s largest and most innovative infrastructure projects over the last quarter century, as well as on a long list of landmark restructuring and insolvency matters.


With his extensive and in-depth legal knowledge, dedication, and probity, Herry made a significant innovative contribution to ABNR’s IT and knowledge management, and in the development of training programs for associates.


Due to his long-standing interest in legal education in Indonesia, he was appointed chair of Yayasan ABNR (2017-2022), a foundation established by the firm in honor of our founders to promote legal education and provide scholarships. During his tenure, he set up Yayasan ABNR’s YouTube channel in order to provide access to ABNR’s legal training materials for students in remote areas. He also spoke frequently at seminars and workshops aimed at law students at well-known law schools in Indonesia and shared his knowledge and practical experience of commercial law.


At the time of his passing, Herry was also the coordinator of ABNR’s pro bono program, a position that he held for several years, as part of which he teamed up with a range of non-governmental organizations to provide public legal aid to marginalized people. Thanks to his dedication to pro bono, ABNR was presented with the Hukumonline Award for the Highest Commitment by Pro Bono Law Firms with 31 or More Lawyers in 2019, 2020 and 2021.  


Herry was a great person, husband, father, colleague and friend, and an excellent advisor, teacher and mentor. He had an invigorating sense of humor. In his spare time, he was a passionate marathon runner, regularly participating in events both in Indonesia and overseas.


We wish to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Herry for his invaluable contribution to ABNR, as well as our heartfelt condolences to his family. Rest well, Herry, it has been a great honor and pleasure to work with you.


You will always be missed!